Monday, January 9, 2012

Criminals Conflict With Societies Standards

People that commit crimes; have put themselves in a different class, than people who are considered normal civilians. Criminals actually look down on civilians, because they (criminals) feel they are stronger, smarter, and they are more arrogant than the average person. Criminals feel that society’s standards don’t apply to them, so they’ve created their own culture and society. Even though criminals need normal people to help them accomplish their goals, they feel normal people are subservient to them. A lot of criminals feel they can’t accomplish the great American dream, because of their social class, lack of education, and failed job opportunities; so they take on a, “by any means necessary” mentality to achieve their perception of success.

Why have criminals, created their own underworld society? Because normal society has offended them in some way or made them feel they didn’t fit into society’s standards. Criminals have formed alliances with other criminals that commit other crimes, so they can co-exist and generate income among each to obtain their goals. Criminals from poverty-stricken environments, in particular, feel that society has giving up on them and denies them the same opportunities that middle and upper class Americans receive. Therefore, they started trends to get the attention of masses, so they can acknowledge them.

Being a former criminal, I can remember the resentment; I had against White Americans, because I felt like they were stopping Black Americans from moving forward on ANY level. Whether it was getting an education, jobs, housing, and EVEN hustling in the STREETS, I felt they wanted us to stay POOR! This is based on uncountable conversations with my friends on the streets and in a prison environment, WE ALL FELT that White Americans wanted us to stay in a subservient and slave like position. But it took me, many years to understand that I kept myself in that position, because I never TRULY tried to live by society standards and follow my DREAMS! I went to school, but NOT to be an “A” student. I worked, but NOT to run the company. I followed the rules, but NOT the laws. I learned regardless of gender, ethnicity, and social status; you will to have to work to obtain success and wealth, unless you are born into it!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Is Right Actually Wrong Or Is Wrong Actually Right?

I want to play devil’s advocate for at-risk youth in this article. The reason being is, I was once one of those children and I always hear professionals (social workers and psychologists) say, “They know right, from wrong!” My question to you is, “are you sure, they know right, from wrong?” Is that statement based on the fact that you know they’ve been taught certain things they do or say is right or wrong by their parents, family members, or caregivers or are you assuming they have actual taught them, what is the right thing to do in society and what is the wrong thing to do in society?

An example would be: if I’m a child at the age of 12 years old with personal issues at home and in my community, who goes to school for 8 hours a day, Monday thru Friday to receive an education from teachers; how do I know which teachers have my best interest at heart? As a child, I’m receiving mixed messages: one group of teachers are encouraging me, commending me on how good I’m doing with my class work, and telling me how successful I can become. The other group is telling me and my classmates, “I got mine, you got to get yours”, “You aren’t smart enough to be in this class”, and “You are going to prison or somebody is going to kill you!” As a child, how am I supposed to receive what has just been said to me, when I’m starting to develop self-esteem? Why would I want to come into this so-called learning environment every day? Is school really helping me to become a better person? Are people going to talk to me, like this, when I grow up and get a job? These are some of the questions that are crossing our youth’s mind.

Now, the flip side is, the other 16 hours in a 24 hour day; these same children are being exposed to something that’s totally different. In the community, the child resides in, there are things he/she will see and hear that are totally contrary to what they are taught in school. They are also being educated, influenced, molded, raised, and loved by: gang bangers, drug dealers, prostitutes, and other people involved in criminal activity in their community.  In their community: cursing, fighting, drinking and using drugs, drug dealing, stealing and robbing, gang banging, and other illegal activities are normal and everyday events that these youth see!  Now this young person sees adults, some of them, are their parents and family members engaged in these activities, along with drug dealers and gang bangers saying they love them and they got their backs. Plus they are supporting them with money and gifts, along with those same parents and family members involved in some type of relationship with those so called: CRIMINALS! These youth have been taught not to tell what they see, to turn their heads and mind their business, and NOT to trust anyone – ESPECIALLY THE POLICE! Tell me, do our youth REALLY know: what is the right thing to do or what is the wrong thing to do? I don't think so!